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Frequently Asked Questions

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■■■ What is an Assisted Living / AFC Family Home? ■■■

An Assisted Living / Adult Foster Care (AFC) family home is an intimate assisted living arrangement in a residential setting where families can take their loved ones to be cared for and/or assisted by a licensed care provider 24 hours a day, usually when the family is unable to provide the necessary care themselves. Some cases, just so the family has peace of mind, so that the family member has someone available just in case a situation should arise.

* Qualified individuals might include the elderly, handicapped or physically/mentally challenged adults 18 years or older.

* Unlike Nursing Homes, Assisted Living / AFC Family Care Homes are on a more intimate level as they are in a private residental home. They also typically cost less than a Nursing Home.

* Assisted Living / AFC Family Care Homes helps your loved one feel more at ease, in that we have all the comforts of home on a smaller scale than the larger facilities but have the conveniences of in-home skilled services (ie.Home Health Care, Pharmacy, etc.) so the care is more personally tailored to each person.

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■■■ When is it Time to Seek out Assisted Living? ■■■
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* When daily tasks or routines become difficult. (i.e. laundary, cooking, etc.)
* When you or your loved one can no longer perform daily personal hygiene needs independently. (showering, etc.)
* Having difficulties in remembering to take perscribed medications.
* When transportation becomes challenging.
* When shopping needs become difficult and overwhelming.
* When mobility requires assistance. (i.e. standing up, walking to the bathroom, etc)

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